Events for May 2024

MAG Defensive Pistol Skills

MAG Defensive Pistol Skills

Your instructor for this course will be David Maglio The Defensive Pistol Skills course is an intensive two day course in the defensive skills involved with a concealed pistol. Skills covered are safe gun handling skills based on the StressFire system developed by Massad Ayoob. Drawing rapidly from concealment, speed reloads, the blend of speed and accuracy from close…

Defensive shooting course at G4 Firearms in Santa Rosa, CA.

Defensive Shooting Fundamentals Course

This class is a 6 hour tactical shooting course that will place you in high-stress situations, helping you work on defensive shooting skills. In this course, you will learn to draw from your holster and quickly change a magazine. You will also learn the balance of speed and precision when shooting, while increasing your all round confidence when using a…