Red Dot Pistol Course

Offered exclusively by G4 Firearms

Red Dot Pistol Course

Are you ready to take your pistol shooting skills to the next level? The Red Dot Pistol Course is designed for shooters who are looking to enhance their accuracy, speed, and overall proficiency with red dot-equipped pistols. Whether you’re a seasoned shooter or new to the red dot platform, this comprehensive course offers a dynamic learning experience tailored to meet your individual needs.

Led by Red Dot certified instructor, Scott Gabaldon, this course covers everything from the fundamentals of Red Dot optics to advanced techniques for rapid target acquisition and engagement. Through a combination of classroom instruction, hands-on drills, and live-fire exercises, participants will gain a deep understanding of how to effectively utilize red dot optics to improve their shooting performance.

Key topics covered in the course include:

  • Red dot optic selection and setup
  • Proper zeroing procedures
  • Sight alignment and sight picture
  • Recoil management techniques
  • Target transitions and engagement at various distances

Whether you’re a civilian looking to enhance your personal defense skills or a professional seeking to optimize your duty or tactical capabilities, the Red Dot Pistol Course provides a comprehensive training experience that will elevate your shooting proficiency to new heights. Join us and discover the advantages of incorporating red dot optics into your pistol shooting repertoire.

  • All classes are no more than 15 students.
  • We will meet at G4 Firearms at 8:30am.
  • Classes will start at promptly 9:00am.
  • Be prepared to bring 250-300 rounds of ammunition to shoot during the course.
  • No refunds without 72-hour cancellation.

Please view our Schedule for upcoming course dates – prior to booking.

Red Dot pistol instruction at G4 Firearms in Santa Rosa, CA.

Meet Your Course Instructor(s)

Firearms instructor, Scott Gabaldon at G4 Firearms in Santa Rosa, CA.

Scott has been around guns all his life as a young child and due to this exposure to firearms, he has been an avid hunter and sportsman ever since. He began his quest to educate others by teaching his family. It was then he realized that other families could use the same training to have a safe household. In 2012 he became an NRA pistol instructor and has had many firearms training courses since then. He has been through basic firearms training to tactical defense and understands the value of firearms education. He has devoted last few years on teaching others the skills needed to become safe and responsible gun owners. His goal is to teach all that are willing to learn how to become their own 1st line of defense whether it’s defending their home, castle or taking on the huge responsibility of carrying a firearm in public to defend yourself, your family, or others if you choose. Scott is also a hunter safety instructor since 2014 and is certified by the County of Sonoma to teach concealed carry weapons classes as an instructor. Scott is also a USCCA certified CCW instructor and defensive fundamentals instructor. He has also studied under and has been personally taught by the best deadly force instructor in the country Massad Ayoob, he has completed MAG20-120 and has become an expert witness for deadly force shooting used in self-defense. He has taught many students learn basic handgun skills. His love for education is shown in his compassion to teach others whether a veteran or a first-time shooter. He is very patient and understanding some of the fears that a new shooter may have when trying to get comfortable with a firearm. His teachings are never intimidating, or abrasive and he makes sure you are in a safe and controlled environment. He has strong family values being a father and a husband.

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