CCW Course – Night Edition

Offered exclusively by G4 Firearms

CCW Course - Night Edition

Are your weekends always booked? No worries! G4 Firearms has you covered with our new Concealed Carry Weapons (CCW) Night Course! All of the invaluable information and training as our standard CCW course – held over three evening classes – followed by a half a day at the range.

Welcome to G4 Firearms Concealed Carry Course, a comprehensive and responsible training program consisting of 16 hours of training and live shooting. It is designed for individuals seeking to obtain or enhance their concealed carry permit. This course focuses on equipping participants with the knowledge, skills, and mindset necessary for safe and lawful concealed carry.

Cost of CCW Course: $300
CCW concealed carry weapon course by G4 Firearms in Sonoma County.
Course Highlights:

1. Legal Foundations: Our course begins with a thorough examination of local, state, and federal laws regarding concealed carry. Participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of the legal responsibilities, rights, and restrictions associated with carrying a concealed firearm.

2. Firearm Safety and Handling: Safety is paramount. Participants will undergo rigorous training on safe firearm handling, storage, and maintenance. This includes proper grip, stance, and techniques for drawing and holstering a concealed weapon safely.

3. Marksmanship Fundamentals: The course includes practical sessions to refine participants’ marksmanship skills. From stance and sight alignment to trigger control, our instructors will guide you through the fundamentals necessary for accurate and controlled shooting.

4. Live-Fire Exercises: To reinforce classroom teachings, participants will engage in live-fire exercises under the supervision of certified instructors. These exercises are conducted in a controlled environment, allowing individuals to apply learned concepts while receiving immediate feedback.

5. Concealed Carry Techniques: Learn effective and responsible methods for concealing a firearm. This includes discussions on holster selection, clothing considerations, and drawing techniques to ensure a discreet and secure carry.

6. Scenario-Based Training: Engage in realistic scenarios that simulate potential real-world situations. This practical training enhances decision-making skills, stress management, and the ability to apply learned principles in dynamic environments.

7. Conflict Avoidance and De-Escalation: Emphasis is placed on avoiding confrontations whenever possible. Participants will learn strategies for conflict avoidance, situational awareness, and effective communication to minimize the likelihood of needing to use a concealed firearm.

8. Ethical and Moral Considerations: Participants will explore the ethical and moral aspects of carrying a concealed weapon. Discussions will cover the responsibility that comes with carrying lethal force and the legal and ethical implications of using a firearm in self-defense.

9. Legal Reciprocity and Travel Considerations: Gain an understanding of concealed carry reciprocity across state lines and the legal considerations when traveling with a concealed firearm. This knowledge is crucial for individuals who may carry in multiple jurisdictions.

By the end of our Concealed Carry Course, participants will not only meet the requirements for obtaining a concealed carry permit but will also possess the skills and confidence needed to carry responsibly. Join us in fostering a community of responsible and educated concealed carry practitioners. Safety first, always.

  • All classes are no more than 15 students.
  • All week day classes will start promptly at 8:00am on Saturday and 8:30am on Sunday.
  • No refunds without 7 day cancellation notice.

Please view our Schedule for upcoming course dates – prior to booking.

Meet Your Course Instructor(s)

Firearms instructor, Scott Gabaldon at G4 Firearms in Santa Rosa, CA.

Scott has been around guns all his life as a young child and due to this exposure to firearms, he has been an avid hunter and sportsman ever since. He began his quest to educate others by teaching his family. It was then he realized that other families could use the same training to have a safe household. In 2012 he became an NRA pistol instructor and has had many firearms training courses since then. He has been through basic firearms training to tactical defense and understands the value of firearms education. He has devoted last few years on teaching others the skills needed to become safe and responsible gun owners. His goal is to teach all that are willing to learn how to become their own 1st line of defense whether it’s defending their home, castle or taking on the huge responsibility of carrying a firearm in public to defend yourself, your family, or others if you choose. Scott is also a hunter safety instructor since 2014 and is certified by the County of Sonoma to teach concealed carry weapons classes as an instructor. Scott is also a USCCA certified CCW instructor and defensive fundamentals instructor. He has also studied under and has been personally taught by the best deadly force instructor in the country Massad Ayoob, he has completed MAG20-120 and has become an expert witness for deadly force shooting used in self-defense. He has taught many students learn basic handgun skills. His love for education is shown in his compassion to teach others whether a veteran or a first-time shooter. He is very patient and understanding some of the fears that a new shooter may have when trying to get comfortable with a firearm. His teachings are never intimidating, or abrasive and he makes sure you are in a safe and controlled environment. He has strong family values being a father and a husband.

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